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Devine Communities is one of Australia’s most trusted residential property developers. All of our Devine Communities have several key outcomes in mind, all of them related to ensuring the long-term appeal of the estate, and to protecting your investment.

One of the key focus points is the area itself. Devine believes that we have a responsibility wherever possible to enhance and protect existing natural assets. Our work in this area has earned us awards for excellence, but more importantly, it has helped both the environment and the local flora and fauna.

Our urban designers also help ensure safety for our communities with homes overlooking public spaces wherever possible. And, of course, we pay a great deal of attention to providing communal spaces, harmonious streetscapes and landscaping that our residents can enjoy daily.

To help us do all that, we have design guidelines, covenants, and quality controls. We employ specialists who are experts in architecture and urban design.

Trust Devine to enhance your enjoyment of life through one of our superior Communities.

Created with you in mind, we know there’s a place you’ll love to call home.