Public Art Installation | Masterplanned Community | Eden Brook, Pakenham

"Ebb Flow" Art Installation by Louise Lavarack

Ebb/Flow by Louise Lavarack is a public art installation that was installed in 2011 on the edge of wetlands abutting the Toomuc Creek in Pakenham (near where Henry Road crosses the creek). The installation was captured in time lapse photography.

Ebb Flow

Louise Lavarack has many influences. Growing up in Wollongong, NSW, her metallurgist father, with an interest in astronomy, taught his children about the constellations; her mother was always creating things, from intricate needlework to beautiful gardens. She studied graphic design at Randwick Technical College, topped the course and got a job with design visionary Gordon Andrews, who designed the original decimal currency notes.

She travelled, then worked as a designer for a contemporary arts centre in Bristol, England. She worked for two years in Papua New Guinea for the South Pacific Festival of Art. Her return to Australia in 1980 culminated in a decade as design and production director for a book publishing company.

In 1997, at the age of 47, she enrolled at RMIT to study art. The decision, she admits, was complex, but underpinned by a seminal experience when she worked for a day with environmental art guru, Christo, who was "wrapping" Little Bay in Sydney.